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"Guide To Tapping" 6 String Guitar Instructional Book by: Chris Letchford (print)


Chris Letchford's new instructional book dedicated completely to ALL tapping styles for 6 string guitar! Over 60 unique-custom exercises! For those of you that want to learn more tapping licks and riffs in the style of "The Great Plains" and "The Levitated" or want to venture further into adding tapping in your soloing! This book has ALL of that!

Digital versions available here:Digital Copy

Chris also breaks down the theory, keys, and instruction on how to practice and use each exercise!

All exercises are not only great for improving your tapping technique but are also musical and useful to real world guitar playing.

Spiral Bound, so it lays open nicely!

Below is the Table Of Contents outline for the book!

Table Of Contents

• Warm Ups & Exercises for Independence

• Tapping in Scale Form

• Tapping with Slides

• Tapping with Legato

• Tapping in Odd Meter

• Tapping Arpeggios

• String Skipping with Tapping

• Outlining Chords

• Tapping Chords

• Tapping Harmonics

• Using Open Strings

• Moving Bass Lines

• Layering & Natural Delay

• From Picking to Tapping

• Negative Space Muting

• Sweeps with Tapping