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6-String Guitar Technique Instructional Book by: Chris Letchford (print)


Chris' 6-String Guitar Instructional Book:

This printed copy includes 52 custom exercises that Chris has written out for 6 string guitars, months worth of material to work on.

Digital versions available here:Digital Copy

This is not your typical technique book with a bunch of non melodic, unusable ideas. They are all melodic, which can be applied for song writing, improv, and everyday day guitar use. It's a perfect book for building your chops and mastering the fingerboard! Great for all styles of music, from classical to metal, rock, latin, jazz, and country.

They are also spiral bound, which makes it stay open when laying flat or on a music stand! Why all music books aren't made this way is beyond me!

Shred Review (UK) - 4.5 of 5!

The Book focuses on:
• left hand and right hand technique
• string skipping
• scales
• modes
• alternate picking
• chord stretching
• chord arpeggiating
• odd meter
• metric modulation
• sweep picking
• sweep picking in odd meter
• hybrid picking
• sliding
• legato
• bending
• grace notes
• hammer on / pull offs
• economy picking
• arpeggios
• rolling bar technique
• tapping
• tapping with multiple fingers
• tapping with slides
• visualizing the neck exercises
• chromatic
• combing multiple techniques
• using octaves
• melodic exercises
• applying all 4 fingers
• using tritones
• right hand picking exercises and warmups
• harmonic minor exercise