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"LIGHTBOX" • VINYL (Chris' Solo Album)

Image of "LIGHTBOX" • VINYL (Chris' Solo Album)


Each color is limited edition 100!
Chris Letchford's solo jazz album. CD, Digital, and vinyl OUT NOW!

Listen to new song: "The Star Boys" at

The line-up:
Guitar: Chris Letchford
Bass: Evan Brewer (4 songs)
Bass: Mark Michell (6 songs)
Drums: Steven Padin (The Reign Of Kindo)
Piano: Danny Pizarro (The Reign Of Kindo)(6 songs)
Piano: Steven Padin (The Reign Of Kindo) (4 songs)

"LIGHTBOX" Track Listing:
1. The Star Boys
2. Earthen
3. Sign Of Four
4. Zodiac
5. Rayless
6. In Force
7. Piedra Falls
8. Pearl
9. Ghost Orchid
10. The Gentlemen